The Immigration Lawyer Tokyo Japan to solve any problems

Shin-ichi Narita is an Immigration & Administrative Lawyer who has been authorized and licensed by the Ministry of Justice Tokyo Immigration Bureau and Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications.

We can apply your visa application to Immigration Office all over Japan as your attorney.

So,you don't have to appear to apply at the Immigration Bureau.
We do promise you absolutely that save your precious time, do not divulge your personal information, do provide an excellent and effective services.
We guarantee that our service and skill is excellent, fast ,inexpensive in the industry.

Specialize in:
○Working Visa
○Trainee visa
○Skilled Labor Visa
○Investor/Business Manager Visa
○The Passport Certification Visa
○Entertainer Visa
○Long Term Resident
○Provisional Release
○Marriage Matter Possession Certification Japanese Naturalization
○Permanent Resident
○Mixed Marriage(Spouse/Marriage Visa)
○Residence Special Permission

■Application for Certificate of Eligibility for Statusof Residence.
■Application for Permission to Change the Statusof Residence.
■Application for Permission to Extend the Period of Stay.
■Application for Certificate of AuthorizedEmployment.
■Application for Permission to Engage in an Activity Other Than That Permitted by the Status of Residence Previous Granted.
■Application for Re-entry Permission.
■Application for Naturalization.
■Application for Permanent Residence.
■Application for Special Permission for Residence.
■Application for Special Permission for Landing.
■Application for Provisional Release for the Detainee at an Immigration Bureau.

○Investigation & Detective Servise
○DNA identification ○Adoption
○Amendment of falsified the document and the Passport
○Labor/Employment Benefits
○Business Planning and Registration
○Setting up your office in Japan
○Execution of Will
○Financial aid debt/ Loan settlement

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Flow of Visa Application Assistance

Individual and corporate clients are welcome. Assistance can be customized according to the client's condition.

Flow in applying a permission for Visa
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8 Reasons why Narita J is the best...

Reason no.1No Additional Charges
No additional or hidden charges will incur regardless of the application result.


Reason no.2Free Consultation
The application will be evaluated and we will offer advice, suggestions, alternative solutions.


Reason no.3Group Application
We provide group application assistance for international event organizers, advertising agency and other corporate clients.


Reason no.4Experienced Professionals
Narita J employs a team of highly experienced professionals to maintain the quality, integrity and confidentiality of services.


Reason no.5Office Security
Highly secure office environment equipped with a safe storage to prevent mutilation, damage and unauthorized access of documents.


Reason no.6Multi-lingual Assistance
We provide assistance in Japanese, English, Chinese, Russian, Portuguese, French, Tagalog and Korean


Reason no.7Re-Application is Free
Re-application of denied application is free. (Miscellaneous charges will incur such as transportation and postage fee.)


Reason no.8Experienced Immigration Lawyer
With an extensive knowledge and experience in the immigration law as well as other industry such as Real Estate, Land and Building Inspection, Agriculture, Science and Engineering.

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